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When I first saw Birth it struck me as unique and something special.  I had seen nothing like it.  Then Carleen shared her personal story behind Birth and I loved it even more.  Birth is the story of the two little ones that Carleen's family dug out of the sand and the celebration as the two new souls made tracks to the water.  The birth experience is brought to life for us with Carleen's brush.  


Birth graces a wall in our home.  It continues to bring me tranquility, peace, and hope -- and is much loved.         


Honu wix-1.jpg

We bought “Honu’ about 6 years ago for our new home and it is as relevant to us now as it was then.  Our past travels have often included the ocean and snorkelling, where our biggest thrill was sea creatures, including sea turtles.  “Honu' is a happy reminder of those times.  Every time I look at him, I smile - both inside and out!          

Fay De Forest

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Sea Turtle II

A few years back, my wife and I were having coffee in a Second Cup.  I noticed  beautiful turtle art on the wall.  I thought, “What a great photograph!  I went to take a closer look and realized that it was not a photograph but rather an original art painting.  The realism was incredible.  I knew I had to have it when I saw that the art  in Second Cup was for sale.  We contacted Carleen and bought it.  We gave it to my daughter who was living in Mexico at that time and is an avid SCUBA diver and lover of all things oceanic.  The painting now graces her home.  I love seeing it every time we visit!

Al Borkent

Original Artwork Client Testimonials

Just Floating Wix-1.jpg
Just Floating

I love to SCUBA dive and have been to some great locations.  But regardless of location, the biggest thrill for me is to see a Sea Turtle.  I am fortunate enough to have had a couple of close encounters.  So when I saw Carleen painting Just Floating at the Art Walk a couple of years ago, I knew that this partially complete painting would be special.  Carleen was painting it from a photograph that a relative of hers had taken while SCUBA diving.  It brought back such great memories of my own experiences.  I bought the painting right then and there.  I had just one request… please finish it!  A few weeks later, the painting was  delivered and it is a joy to see one of the great ocean species enjoying life.

Al Borkent

Sweetheart WEB2.jpg

We commissioned a painting by Carleen and she did not disappoint. Our large sea turtle, “Sweetheart,” hangs in our dining room and fits our decor beautifully. We love to look at it and it has been a nice conversation piece as well. Thank you Carleen!

Angela & Scott Endres

Awakening web-1.jpg

I purchased Awakenings in July 2020. I love this piece so much! I sit and stare at it for hours some days and I feel a huge sense of calm and peace as I look at the picture. Carleen is truly a talented artist to have captured such life in her paintings, I’m honoured to have this piece in my home. Thank you for allowing me to have this beautiful painting!

Christina Johnson

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Sea Turtle

In August 2014 I went into a local Sherwood Park gallery to frame a print, and on the wall in the gallery was the most beautiful original canvas painting I had ever seen. I just stood and watched him for almost an hour. I am a licensed diver and have been in awe of sea turtles my whole life. Absorbing the details Carleen captured in this painting and the ripples of the water allow me to feel a calm, balance and tranquility that I feel when diving. ‘Sea Turtle’ by Carleen Ross came home with me that very day. He graces the foyer of our home to welcome all who visit and is the centre of conversation. As they say the rest is history, as this was just my first piece by this talented local artist with many other pieces of her work were to follow me home.

Leeanne Mills 2014

The walk Wix.jpg
The Walk

‘The Walk’ was my second purchase of Carleen’s work. My husband and I were in fact on ‘a walk’ and found her working on this beautiful sea turtle. During this visit we had the opportunity to meet her husband and children and quickly realized they carry as much grace as Carleen which is reflected in the beautiful pieces of art she creates. Thank you! We are very lucky to have this beautiful work of art in our home to enjoy!

Leeanne Mills 2014


‘Creation’ mini came home with me in April 2021. My love for sea turtles is never ending especially seeing them when I dive. Now having this ‘Creation’ baby pulls at my heart strings and brings me such peace and hope thinking about new life and what life really has to offer. Carleen’s perspective that comes through in her work is just amazing. Thank you again for allowing me yet another piece of your work.

Leeanne Mills 2021