Journey To The Sea Turtle ~ book by Carleen Ross

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What people say about Journey to the Sea Turtle:

“What a wonderful read for the heart! Carleen Ross wrote this manuscript with a love for the ocean and all its creatures. It took her on a spiritual journey that taught her to stay on her given path, connect to the earth, find her inner wisdom, and to let her journey unfold with patience.


I’ve read this book at least five times and have felt hope. With our world always changing, our turtles remain the same....Constant and HOPEFUL! Please check it out and see what her book....Journey to the sea turtle shows YOU!” 

~ Malama na Honu organization on their Facebook Page June 8, 2019

"This book is SO beautiful, made more so by your amazing artwork! And the wisdom section is AMAZING. I needed it today.”
~ Faith F.

“I love your book and art and I love turtles!!”
~ Kirsten P.

“I just received, a signed copy, as a gift. It is absolutely beautiful and incredible! Definitely purchase if you can!”
~ Candice Y.

“This is a passion love letter to the ocean and all turtles. A must read!”
~ Debbie H.

“I love your book, so full of personal insights, photos of your journey and depictions of your beautiful original art. Congratulations!!!”
~ Sally S.

“I have it and LOVE it!”
~ Kerry H.