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About Carleen

 Carleen Ross is a Canadian artist and author who resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her husband and two boys. The main focus of Carleen’s work is that of the endangered sea turtle. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a focus in Animal Behaviour, and it is through this education that she is able to communicate with the sea turtle experts around North America. 

With each of the paintings she creates, Carleen has the opportunity to reflect on various life lessons. These lessons inspire us to have bring more love and forgiveness into our lives, which will make us better for ourselves and the earth. It is these life lessons that Carleen shares with her readers, to inspire a positive changes to occur in their lives. Carleen’s book Journey to the Sea Turtle was written to illustrate to others, that change begins within ourselves and even just one person can make a difference. 

The sea turtle has been on this Earth for more than 70 million years. They are a part of the cultural lore of the creation of land in the stories of the Hawaiian, North American First Nation, Central American, Hindu, Chinese, and Mayan people, to name a few.

Although not widely known, North America was called Turtle Island before the Spanish explored this land. Sea turtles are believed to be one of the wisest souls in the animal kingdom, having lived through so many stages of creation on this planet. The spiritual lore of the sea turtle is to remind you to stay on your given path, connect more with Mother Earth, find your inner wisdom, and let your journey unfold without rushing it. To be patient. 

Carleen regularly conducts conservation talks and inspirational talks to various groups, about how to use your gifts to make positive changes to the world around you. She works with several sea turtle conservation societies where she donates portions of her profits to them annually. 

Up Coming Shows:

November 27 & 28 from 10 am to 5pm 

A.J. Ottwell Centre: 590 Broadmoor Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB

Covid Protocols will be in place.




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